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LITES FILM STUDIOS include The most advanced interior WATER STAGE on the planet,

offering the largest creative possibilities in a fully controlled environment.

2 large SOUND FILM STAGES with very high Accoustic performance,

3 smaller stages, a wide range of additional spaces & the LITES camera department.


PORSCHE - Dir : Bjorn Tagemose - Shoottheartist  Prod : DDMC


OPPO at Sound Stage 2 

the swarm LITES WATER STAGE_edited.jpg

THE SWARM - ZDF - Beta Film - Frank Doelger 

Rammstein UW 3shot_edited.jpg

RAMMSTEIN Zeit Music Video - Robert Gwisdeck

IMG_4933 3_edited.jpg

THE SWARM - ZDF - Beta Film - Frank Doelger 

girl bubbles greenp_1.9_edited.jpg

GREENPEACE - Halal - Paul Geusebroek

storm S.jpg

De Mensen - Nathalie 
Basteyns  & Kaat B
eels  DP Anton Mertens

under tilting platform_edited.jpg

Tilting Platform seen from below, able to tilt 50° and sink into the deep

germinal wide_1.1_edited.jpg

GERMINAL - Dir David Hourrègue - DP Xavier Dolléans

Puy Du Fou - Cedric Delsaux  UW DP : Wim Michiels

Tool Box Productions - Nicolas Pollet-Villard

rammstein in boat.jpg

RAMMSTEIN Zeit Music Video - Robert Gwisdeck

soh 2 men on boat_1.19_edited.jpg

SANDER at Sound Stage 1, XL white infinity, black & green screen curtains

STATE OF HAPPINESS - Maipo - Lunanime - Dir Mikel Sandemose

soh rescue_edited.jpg

STATE OF HAPPINESS - Maipo - Lunanime - DP Lars Vestergaard

studio 1 white infinity.jpg

Music video Peter Maffay by Hans Pannecoucke

wkbz still_1.1_edited.jpg

WIR KINDER VOM BAHNHOF ZOO - Constantin Film - Philip Kadelbach

tilting platform estonia  2_edited.jpg

Tilting platform 50° Tilt at surface , half submerged, able to sink down


GREENPEACE - Halal - Paul Geusebroek

estonia 1.jpg

ESTONIA - Beta / Fisherking - Dir Juuso Syrja & Mans Mansson


MARCO Standing on deep water, ready to take the waves

the deep house set 3.jpg

THE DEEP HOUSE - Radar Films - Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury 
Submerged Large sets on our moveable platform, ready to go down to 8m

marco borsato underwater.jpg

MARCO Taken by waves

gevel west tiff.jpg



STAGE 5 : Daylight Stage with blackout curtains

Estonia - image 2_edited.jpg

ESTONIA - Beta / Fisherking / Anga - Miikko Oikkonen

diavolo grad 2.jpg

Gli Orologi del Diavolo - Pico Media -  Alessandro Angelini

DP : Nicola Saraval

like me auto.jpg

Like Me   -   dir  Elias Mentzel  -  DP Patrick Tilkens


Dressing Rooms at LITES STUDIOS

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